Australian design, now in Singapore 

Vegepod was designed by a Sydney based company with headquarters in Terrey Hills on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The company started in 2009 and has continued to be owned and operated out of Australia.

Vegepod arrived in Singapore in January of 2018, by a small team passionate about the product and excited by seeing it adopted by residents and citizens of Singapore. Vegepod pride themselves on providing everyday people with a simple and easy way to grow their own vegetables at home, in schools, offices and community facilities. Our garden kits are the most efficient and practical on the market today.

Singapore is a space-constrained society. Very few people are lucky enough to have their own backyard veggie patch to grow their own fresh organic edibles. But that doesn't need to stop you! We encourage you to think about sunny spaces that are available to you which might be perfect for your Vegepod. These might be community spaces/gardens of which their are many; spaces at or around your work place, under utilised rooftops or the fringe of a car park; more and more schools are incorporating gardening initiatives into their curriculum and service programs - and we have programs designed to help facilitate these initiatives.

Come on! Get in touch with us to discuss how we can get you growing!  If you’re not growing chemical free, nutritional veggies for your family and community – you should be.

  • Protected Soil
  • Easily Raised
  • Portable
  • Durable

There was enormous interest in our products due to many factors including – shrinking yards, poor soil quality, watering, and the loss of general growing knowledge.

In 2013 we re-designed the product to become more retail friendly. It now packs down into a box that fits in any trunk or back seat of a car.

Vegepod prides itself on providing the average person with a simple and easy way to grow vegetables at home. Our garden kits are the most efficient and practical on the market today.

Awards we have won!

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